Signing up for Puppet Enterprise via AWS Marketplace

  1. Visit Puppet Enterprise in AWS Marketplace
  2. You’ll land here Puppet Enterprise Marketplace
  3. Click the Continue to Subscribe button on the top right-hand corner.
  4. You may be prompted to sign in to the AWS account you just created, or the one you will be using for this workshop: AWS Signup
  5. Your page should look like this, notice that the BYOL license doesn’t cost anything for the listed instance type: Contract Config
  6. Click the Accept Terms button.
  7. You have successfully subscribed for Puppet! Contract Success
  8. Click the Continue to Configuration button, and you’ll land here: Puppet Software Configuration
  9. Once you’ve filled out the details, go to your Launch Config Page
  10. For the launch configurations, please set the following fields with the following values:
    • Change the EC2 Instance Type to t3.large
    • Leave the VPC settings as your default (when you provision a new AWS account, you’ll have a default VPC)
    • Leave the subnet setting as default (this can be a random AZ within the region your management console is currently in)
    • For the Security Group Settings, click the Create New Based on Seller Settings
      1. Name your security group puppet-workshop-sg
      2. For the description, write SG for Puppet Enteprise
      3. Click the Save button
    • For the Key Pair Setting, select the key pair you created in the previous section.
  11. Click the Launch button Launch success

And that’s it! You have launched a Puppet AMI as an EC2 instance! Click the next button to proceed with requesting AWS credits so this workshop will be FREE.