On-board new EC2 instance

In this lab we’re going to be using Puppet’s agent mode of operation and manually accepting a request to start managing the new node.

  1. Naviage to Nodes section via the vertical navigation bar

    • You should only see a single other node currently listed, this is the PE deployment Step 4
  2. Click on the Add nodes button

    • Will send you a page which lists a couple ways of adding a node to inventory Step 5
  3. Click on the Install agents button

    • Since we’re working with EC2 instances, we’ll choose Install agents
    • Puppet can also manage devices and API endpoints Step 6
  4. Copy command for initiating an agent install from the cli

    • To avoid setting up and distributing SSH credentials for our workshop, we’ll copy the command for *nix under the Install agents on the command line section
    • This command could also be integrated into your standard provisioning workflow to ensure Puppet is installed on first boot Step 7
  5. Run copied command on EC2 instance

    • SSH into the additional EC2 instance that you deployed during prerequisite setup as user centos
    • Paste command onto cli Step 8
  6. Run Puppet for the first time, waiting for onboarding approval

    • With Puppet installed, initiate the first configuration run
    • Puppet will wait for you to approve the new node, checking to see if it can continue every 5 seconds
    • sudo -i puppet agent -t --waitforcert 5 Step 9
  7. Navigate to Certificates section of PE console

    • Return to the PE console and refresh your browser
    • There is now bee the number 1 next to Certificates in the vertical navigation bar Step 10
  8. Select Unsigned Certificates tab

    • This number 1 will also be present next to Unsigned Certificates
    • Click on this tab Step 11
  9. Accept new agent certificate

    • Click on the Accept button Step 12
  10. Wait for Puppet to finish its initial run

    • Return to your SSH session and the Puppet run will have started
    • When it finishes you’ll likely see events related to Sudo::Conf Step 13