Configuring Relay by Puppet

  1. Relay workflows can easily be imported from the Library or any publically accesible web link

  2. When a new workflow is imported it will inform you of the need to define additional pieces of information

    • Click on the Fill in missing secrets link Step 2
  3. Add a new AWS connection by clicking on the “+” next to my-aws-account Step 3

  4. A Setup up you AWS connection pane has opened, add here access and secrets keys for a user which has access to EC2 and click Save Step 4

  5. Back at the Workflow configuration pain, scroll down to the Secrets section and click again on the “+” next to awsRegion Step 5

  6. To keep the workshop simple, set this as the same region you deployed Puppet Enterprise to Step 6

  7. Relay workflows can be triggered in several ways, one of is a Push trigger

  8. Push triggers generate a workflow specific authentication token

    • Save the token for later, we’ll use it to configure Puppet Enterprise Step 8